Surveillance is one of the most important fact-gathering tools in an investigation.

Video CameraIt gives the client:

  • an accurate account of a subject’s day-to-day activities for insurance or W.S.I.B. litigation support
  • factual information to help determine whether employees are involved in theft, drug or alcohol abuse, or with illegal or unethical practices
  • support for family law or child custody matters requiring legal action
  • evidence to strengthen arguments at arbitration hearings

Using experienced investigators with low light video and photographic equipment, Investigative Concepts records all available observations to help you determine what steps should be taken in relation to your case.

Integrated Surveillance Reports

All surveillances are supported by factual and concise reports that include only relevant information relating to your needs. Obtained video evidence is included with our written reports. The easy-to-follow design of our Surveillance Reports integrates still video images into the narratives, making it easy to find required information and have an accurate account of what is on the surveillance video available during examination or arbitration hearings.